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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Practice this 21 Days and Attract Your Life Success Goals

Practice this 21 Days and Attract Your Life Success Goals

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Practice this 21 Days and An Attract Your Life Success Goals

As they call it in Sanskrit, monks have used affirmations for ages. These beats are used to chant many times. These beats are often referred to as prayer beats. These could be prayer beats. But, we are more like mantra or affirmation beats. These are used to program the Subconscious. We chant each beat. We repeat an affirmation. I am happy. All I do is repeat the same chart over and over again, and it's 108 beats. You can see how your Subconscious is programmed and you remember 108 different. You only get one chance. 

You only get one chance.  It's either I'm happy or I'm sure. Repeat it 108 times. Three ingredients are required for affirmation: clear Visualization, positive words and a corresponding feeling. Most people don't know this concept of affirmation. They can only say the words, but not visualize or feel. For example, let's say I love apples. This is a concise list of positive words. My mind is aware that I am talking about myself when I use the word I. 

When I use the word "love" to describe him. It is something that my mind knows he enjoys. It is a pleasure for him. It is his favorite thing. This is what he considers love. When I say the words apples. My entire hard drive is searched by my mind, and it causes me to get confused. Since the Day, my entire Subconscious has been searching for the word apple. Red-apple, yellow apples and Honeycrisp apple, as well as green, yellow, and honeycrisp, apples.

Practice this 21 Days and Attract Your Life Success Goals

Apple watch, iwatch apple and iPhone apple Ipad - what are these apples? Right. Words alone are not enough. Visualization is the answer. When I say that I love apples, and I visualize a bright red Apple, my mind thinks that he is talking about it. Apples are my favorite. He loves bright red apples. My words and visualization are important, but then comes the feeling. Emotion is feeling. You know the famous scientist, tesla. He stated that the secret to the universe is to discover its secrets. You can think in terms of energy frequency or vibration. Energy is the basis of everything. This is energy vibrating at a particular frequency. 

The chain contains molecules and Atoms which vibrate at a specific frequency, binding them together. We believe that creating a certain manner is possible if your Subconscious is full of patterns that vibrate at a particular frequency. Anger might vibrate at 20-kilohertz, while happiness could vibrate at 30 kilohertz. I don't know the numbers, I'm just guessing. Everything vibrates at a particular frequency. If you can tap into your Subconscious to create a pattern and infuse it, then everything will vibrate at that frequency. 

This is vibrating at a particular frequency. It can attract other things with a similar nature. If I enter my Subconscious, it will attract things of a similar nature to it. I repeat an affirmation that has a clear choice of positive words and clear Visualization. It is infused with a feeling. It vibrates in my Subconscious at that frequency. It attracts any vibration or frequency that is similar to yours. For example, Boy dates go. They go out for 2 years. They share a wonderful intimate relationship. 

Practice this 21 Days and Attract Your Life Success Goals

They split up. Boy meets up with his friends to heal the relationship. For six months, the girl who knows chocolate, shopping, and wine therapy. Finally, she says, "I'm done with him." She starts to date again. She is attracted to a similar guy. A similar man is often attracted to her life. John is a guy you know, but he vibrates the same way as you. Sue and John have been together for two years. Sue has Vibrations. That have had emotional experiences. This is vibrating at John's frequency in her Subconscious. 

These experiences, even though they are broken up, vibrate at the frequency John in her Subconscious. She then goes on to find a John named Peter of a similar frequency and she does. Energy doesn't know the difference between what's healthy for you and what's harmful. It's energy. Anything of the same frequency is attracted to you.

If you understand how the subconscious works, and how to program it using affirmations and a clear chart, you can make sure that you are able to use them. Stories are positive words. Clear visualization and the corresponding feeling. Because it is the energy that attracts, feeling is the most important component. This will allow you to attract anything and everything you desire into your life.

Article is based on a speech by priest Dandapani.

Written By HarvestedSpiritualmind.

Spiritual Practice and Life Motivation Researchers.

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