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Monday, July 19, 2021

Heart Chakra Meditation and Heart Crystal Therapy For a Flawless Immune System

Heart Chakra Meditation and Heart Crystal Therapy For a Flawless Immune System

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Heart Chakra Meditation

The heart chakra represents our connection with others and with ourselves. The first step to any healing process is understood who we are and our relationship to that part of ourselves. We start with a healthy self-image, an honest assessment of our strengths and weaknesses, and the ability to accept other people the way they are. This can achieve through a healthy diet, exercise regime, and positive thinking. One of the most powerful tools to use in treating any ailment, including heart disease, is the heart chakra meditation. Heart Chakra Meditation 


Heart Chakra Meditation

👉 Look at the heart chakra

👉 Start procedure

👉 Relax your body

👉 Grow inner peace and happiness

👉 Healing

Look at the heart chakra Heart Chakra Meditation

To better understand heart chakra healing, we need to look at the heart chakra itself. The heart chakra starts in the chest area and expands up through the shoulders, arms, neck, and finally the abdomen at the end of the spinal column. The energy flow in this chakra can be seen by the violet (or rose quartz) crystals found in the necklace and belt styles popular today. The energy field associated with the heart chakra also contains pink and orange gemstones. The right balance of all colors is essential to achieving optimal health. 

Heart Chakra Meditation

Start procedure Heart Chakra Meditation

To make a profound shift in the level of your loving-kindness toward yourself and others, you can make a conscious decision to pay attention to your chest heart chakra meditation. To start this procedure, place a healing stone or crystal in your hands just over the area of your chest, lightly pressing it in with the palm of your hand. As you move the stone or crystal around in your hands, feel the energy flow as it touches each corner of your hands just above your heart chakra. 

Heart Chakra Meditation

Relax your body Heart Chakra Meditation

During your heart chakra meditation, relax your entire body. Then close your eyes and mentally visualize your hands moving up and down the length of your arms, feeling the heat emanating from them. Keep continue to do this for as long as you can, remembering to close your eyes every so often. Once you feel comfortable enough to let go of the visualization, open your eyes, and repeat the heart center exercise in reverse: focus on your hands and then the heart center.

After a while:

1 - Switch positions and open the other two energy channels on opposite sides of your heart chakra meditation.

2 - In the case of the head channel, position your hands directly under your chin and gently move them outward until they meet in the middle of your forehead.

3 - In the case of the throat energy channels, position your hands directly below your left ear and move them down until they meet in the middle of your lips.

4 - Slowly open both of your hands. 

Feel the energy fields as they expand in front of your eyes.

Grow inner peace and happiness Heart Chakra Meditation

A significant key to the heart chakra healing is forgiveness. You have to forgive yourself if you want to forgive others. A significant block on your path to inner peace and happiness is having evil thoughts, negative emotions; getting upset about the things you cannot change in your life, and having anger or jealousy. You may even blame yourself or others for your problems or lack of success. You must release all guilt and excuses. Heart Chakra Meditation

Heart Chakra Meditation and Heart Crystal Therapy For a Flawless Immune System

In your heart chakra healing sessions, it is essential to clear all blocked energy pathways, as well as to clear any blockages in your digestive and respiratory systems. Clearing your air passageway allows us to be more efficient and effective in our daily lives. It also allows us to better breathe in harmony with the world and others. The more toxins you can remove from your body and lungs, the more efficiently you can complete the tasks that you need to do in life. Your health and well-being can be dramatically improved through this particular type of cleansing. So read about Steps to spiritual growth to well-being.  Heart Chakra Meditation

Healing Heart Chakra Meditation

Heart chakra meditation and heart crystal therapy, when used together, allow us to focus on the heart chakra stones. Because of this, we can heal ourselves in a very natural and powerful way. As we go through the healing process and begin to see new feelings and desires in our lives, we can manifest dreams and goals. The heart chakra stones work with the energy of love and compassion, providing a great source of inspiration for your well-being. You can also read about Reiki healing power.


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Heart Chakra Meditation

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